420-Friendly Valentine’s Gifts for Her 2024
by MarijuanaModels

Discovering the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriend, fiancée, or wife with a 420-friendly twist can be a challenge. Balancing thoughtfulness, affordability, and avoiding clichés, is tough which is why I did the research for you all, you’re welcome.

With Valentine’s Day 2024 just around the corner, now is the moment to make your come back! Personally, dudes… if you are looking for that real fresh reset I suggest a New Year juice cleanse. You can get one for yourself and your girl and it will show her that you care and that you care for her temple. Also, I know everything on this list is not relative to 420 but just some good gifts I would get my gf, if I had one.

Anyway, on this journey, I’ve discovered an array of fantastic gifts that will surely rekindle the love between you and your significant other, even some with a 420-friendly charm ;). If you’re in search of some of the best 420-friendly Valentine’s Day gifts, explore the curated collection of cute and unique gifts for her below only on Marijuanamodels.com!

 1. Date Night Ideas Card Game

Enhance your 420-friendly Valentine’s Day with this perfect game! Explore various crafted date ideas, making it one of the top Valentine’s Day gifts for her available on Amazon. Scratch off 35 different date ideas with your significant other.

2. Pink Rolling Tray with Hearts

Everyone knows that once she sees a cute rolling tray we have to add a new one to the collection. This one surprisingly reminds me a little bit of Powerpuff Girls.


3. Stoner’s Delight: Space cakes, pot brownies and other tasty cannabis creations Hardcover

This unconventional cookbook is an ideal and enjoyable Valentine’s Day gift for her in 2024, offering a unique way to share a relaxing and memorable experience with space cakes, pot brownies, and other tasty cannabis creations from Stoners’ Delight cookbook by Dane Noon & Lex Lucid.

4. Custom Film Roll Keychain with Personalized Pictures by SouFeel

Transform cherished moments into personalized keepsakes with this unique Memory Film Roll Keychain. Little fun fact about me, I love keychains. They last forever and can attach to anything. I think this is a great one guys!

5. Puffy Slippers

Puffy slippers are perfect for a Valentine’s Day surprise. If your girlfriend hasn’t tried them yet, gifting her a pair will surely make her days cozier—ideal for lounging at home or even stepping out in style.

6. Checkered Blanket

Indulge in warmth and style with this checkered throw blanket, a cozy and versatile gift perfect for your girlfriend. Wrapped with a bow ribbon, its classic plaid pattern and exquisite hand-woven details make it an ideal and thoughtful present for her.

7. The Five Minute Journal

Experience the incredible Five Minute Journal, an ideal Valentine’s Gift that seamlessly integrates gratitude and mindfulness into one’s day, all within the short span of just five minutes!

8. Silk Pillowcase

These silk pillowcases are popular. One user named Bodhi in the Amazon review section wrote a 5-star review and said, “This silk pillowcase from the Sunday Silks Collection of Colorado Home Co. is heavy, its hand is thicker than others I’ve tried.” Your pillow is a good investment, I was thinking about making a blog post about self-investment items like this.

9. Stanley

Yes, before you ask this is the crazy cup everyone is raging about. Git Gud and buy yourself an everlasting Stanley.

10. CBD Face Cream

Yes, we had to mention CBD. Immerse yourself in the luxury of Cannuka’s Harmonizing Face Cream this Valentine’s Day. A sophisticated blend of CBD and Manuka honey works to hydrate and soothe dry, irritated skin. This lightweight yet potent formula, enriched with witch hazel and cucumber extract, guarantees clearer-looking skin—a thoughtful gift for an extra layer of moisture and a radiant, healthy glow.

11. Ear Muffs

Give the gift of full ear protection with these cute muffs. These furry ear warmers make wonderful gifts 🎁 for your girlfriend or wife, ensuring both style and functionality for the winter season and cold nights.

12. On Cloud Running Shoes

If your girlfriend’s running shoes are showing signs of wear and tear, the ideal gift option are these Women’s On Cloud running shoes. Even if she already owns a pair, no woman would turn down the opportunity for a fresh set of stylish and comfortable shoes!

13. Jewelry Organizer

If your girlfriend has a lot of jewelry, this jewelry organizer would be a super great and practical gift for her. You could even buy her a new piece of jewelry to add.

14. Travel Sized Jewelry Case

Okay this complements the previous gift perfectly. You could easily get your significant other the puffy slippers and both the jewlery organizers, the standard and travel size.

15. Love Notes in Capsules

Okay, I know how this looks. But zoom in really quickly. Here you will see that these little capsules have cute faces on them. They contain messages for your significant other, write little tiny notes, and have your girlfriend open them up. One each day of the month. This is a really cute novelty like that you find in the back of Spencer’s Gifts.

16. Stoner Girl Stash Jar

Super cute and aesthetically pleasing stash jar. There are many more like it on another post I wrote which is the 5 best trusted weed jars. The Size of the Airtight Container is 4″ x 3″ x 3″. Comes packaged in an acetate box.

17. Detangle Hair Brush

Yo, I know I am suggesting some of the most fire products haha. Ladies, if you are reading my comments, please share some game in the comments below. But, look, I grew up with a sister. I know how it is. This type of brush guys, is going to be super appreciated. It is a special kind of brush that not only detangles, but does so smoothly. And there is a huge difference no girl is trying to rip their hair out- it’s all they got!

18. Socks

Can’t go wrong with some weed leaf socks. I never seen the short sock version, usually weed leaf socks are long. These are pretty neat.

19. Backwoods Backpack

Okay gents… I think this back pack on my girl would be so bad. I am more of a paper plane guy myself, not really into the whole smoking tobacco thing. But, the brand, and the culture classic backwoods brand is looking fresh on this bag that is unisex for both men and women.

20. Custom 16K Gold Your Name Bar Bracelet

There is nothing wrong with being a little fancy. A nice little 16k plated gold bar bracelet maybe to go with that organizer? Customize the text with, “My Valentine” or however you would like.

21. Eyedrops

Every OG stoner knows exactly what these are. You either love them or you hate them but to me, this is a perfect laugh and awesome stash item for your girlfriend’s or wife’s purse.

22. Planner Gratitude Journal

Another journal, this one is a little bigger than the 5-minute journal. Embrace self-care this love season with the gratitude journal. Packed with affirmations, therapy, and manifestation sections, it’s the key to a happier, mindful life for both men and women.

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