How to Start Modeling for the Marijuana Industry

Trying to get started in the marijuana industry by finding marijuana modeling jobs?
Here is some tricks and tips on how to get started.

Liss Mabri Modeling for the Marijuana Industry company Shiner Papers
Model: LissMabri

People from all around the world are becoming more acceptive of marijuana legalization than ever before. As interest in this burgeoning industry grows, individuals are seeking opportunities to participate in various aspects of the cannabis market. By using new tools of communication, such as social media applications, the pendulum has swung, and it has swayed nearly half of the United States into going green. For those intrigued by the idea of entering the marijuana industry, understanding how to start modeling for this sector can be a valuable endeavor.

If you have been paying attention to pop-culture and what is happening in the fashion industry than you should know that the emerging billion dollar crop has created a new genre on how to start modeling for the marijuana industry. The opportunities are unlimited for anyone looking to break into the marijuana modeling profession because of the forever expanding industry. But, how do you start? First, you must wonder…

What is a Marijuana Model?

A Marijuana Model is someone who works with artists, brands, businesses, or photographers to represent the marijuana industry for marketing purposes.

The word, “model” can be used in many different formats including but not limited to; the work of a fashion model, used as an example to follow or imitate, or used to devise a simplified description, especially a mathematical one, such as (a system or process) to assist calculations and predictions.

There are many companies that “model” the cannabis industry by preparing the most efficient products, guides, and methods used in many variations with-in the industry. But, for the sake of this blog post we are going to be talking about someone who wishes to model in the form of marketing purposes.

How to Become a Marijuana Model?

Step One: Build A Portfolio

Instagram is the cheapest and best way to showcase your skills. Start with making a Instagram profile that emphasizes your position and professionalism. Showcase consistent imagery along with keyword hashtags that are directed to the cannabis industry.

Step Two: Network & Outreach

Sign-up and browse through popular and well known modeling networks and websites such as ModelMayhem, Craigslist, and BackStage. Begin to connect with other 420 friendly photographers and models by sending them a message on those networks and in private emails and personal social media pages.

Step Three: Collaborate

In the cannabis sector, finding modeling jobs typically involves letting companies know that you’re willing to openly represent their products, brands, and services. The simplest way to do this is to include your personal or business email in your social media bios and contact all of the local cannabis brands that are in your area. Connect with your local dispensaries that you can find here.

Step Four: Search

Search for cannabis friendly festivals, event gatherings, and concerts that are in your area. As well as, check all marijuana related websites for any job openings. Often times brands are looking for Brand Ambassadors and models to represent their companies. Sometimes even offering your skills and resources for free will allow you to grow your network and portfolio that leads you into a greater opportunity.

Step Five: Be Yourself

Yes, be yourself! Add your own creativity. This is a brand new and emerging industry and no one has the all-in-one answer! Even nowadays having a lot of followers does not mean much when it comes to sponsorships or endorsements. Having authentic social skills and fun is what it’s all about, and companies are ultimately seeking someone who is consistent, persistent, and confident. Which leads into…

How to Start Looking for Marijuana Modeling Jobs

Getting your first marijuana modeling job can seem difficult. But don’t worry; we’ll provide you with our most exclusive tips to assist you in obtaining your first modeling connection in the marijuana industry.

There is many different modeling categories that you could work in, despite the fact that you might have a specific image in mind when you think of a marijuana model. In the cannabis industry these are the top categories that are sought after:

  • social media modeling
  • promotional modeling
  • commercial modeling
  • editorial modeling

There are certain specifications for each of these modeling categories. We suggest you assess your modeling skills before deciding which category you want to pursue in order to identify the best modeling opportunities for you.

Summary of Marijuana Modeling

So, in order to get into marijuana modeling, you need to build a portfolio, begin to network and outreach beyond your inner circle, collaborate with others, search for greater opportunities by putting yourself out there, and be yourself with your own unique creativity.

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